Asian Recipes Woku Seasoning Tempeh

The Nutritional content for 5 servings

Energy             : 129 calories
Fat                   : 6.32 G
Cholesterol      : 0.18 Mg
Sodium            : 115.6 Mg

·         Materials:

250 g tempeh, steamed, diced
2 tbsp unsaturated oil for saltines
2 tbsp sliced scallion
2 orange leaves
1 piece of citronella is spread
200 ml of water
10 pieces of cayenne pepper
25 pieces basil leaves
1 tbsp fish sauce

·         Mashed Spices:

1/2 tbsp sliced garlic
1 tbsp sliced shallots
3 Red Chili Peppers
1 slice Ginger
1 small slice of turmeric
3 candlenuts
1 tbsp shrimp paste

·         How to make:

1.    Heat the oil, stir-fry the seasoning that has been mashed together with sliced scallion, orange leaf, and lemongrass until out aroma. Put a tempeh cut, give fish sauce, stir, pour water, stir.
2.    After the seasoning permeated, input cayenne pepper and basil leaves, stir, cook briefly, lift. Serve.

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