Creamy Corn Soup

For 5 Servings

The Nutritional content for 1 serving
Energy             : 243 calories
Fat                   : 15.98 G
Cholesterol      : 38.2 Mg
Sodium            : 253.4 Mg

·         Materials:

2 tbsp margarine polyunsaturated
2 tbsp wheat flour
1-liter chicken broth
200 ml nonfat milk
150 g corn cans, drain
100 g chicken meat, boiled, small cut
1 tbsp chopped celery
1 piece of instant block broth
1/2 tsp ground fine pepper
1/2 tsp fine nutmeg
25 g croutons

·         How to make:

1.    In a frying pan, enter the flour, stir, pour the broth little by little while still stirring until exhausted. Put milk, stir.
2.    Put corn and chicken, stir give instant broth, pepper, and nutmeg, stir well, after boiling, lift.
3.    Serve with sprinkles of chopped celery and croutons.


Crouton :  small cut bread burned in an oven

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