Broccoli white sauce

For 5 Servings

The Nutritional content for 1 serving
Energy             : 162 calories
Fat                   : 3.44 G
Cholesterol      : 1.03 Mg
Sodium            : 177.8 Mg

·         Materials:

300 g broccoli, cut, blanching
30 g grated low-fat cheese for sprinkling

·         White sauce Ingredients:

20 g margarine polyunsaturated
20 g plain flour
200 ml of nonfat milk
1/4 tsp ground fine pepper
1/2 pieces of instant block broth

·         How to make:

1.   Make white sauce: melt margarine, put wheat flour, stir, pour milk little by a little while still stirring until it runs out. Give Pepper and an instant block broth, stir well, after boiling and thick, lift.
2.   Arrange broccoli in a serving dish, flush with white sauce, topped with grated cheese. Serve.

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