Recipe Chicken Katsu Barbeque sauce

·         Required Materials:

Chicken breast Fillet 1 piece

·         Bath Material:

1 tbsp oyster sauce
Garlic powder 2 tbsp
Powdered pepper 1 tsp
Salt smooth 1 tbsp

·         Chicken Lining Material:

Instant seasoning flour 8 tbsp
Bread flour 8 tbsp
2-grain chicken eggs, shake loose

·         Sauce Ingredients:

Onion 1/2 pieces, finely sliced
Margarine 1 tbsp
4 tbsp barbeque sauce
Water to taste

·         How to make:

How to make chicken Katsu Barbeque sauce:

1.    Prepare a clean container and input the previously washed chicken pieces into the container.
2.    Put marinade seasoning into a container filled with chicken and stir while sometimes kneaded until the seasoning absorbs perfectly. Put the freezer for 20-30 minutes to make the seasoning to each part of the chicken.
3.    Prepare containers containing each seasoning such as beaten egg, seasoning flour, and breadcrumbs.
4.    Take the chicken that has been soaked then input chicken into seasoning flour then boiled eggs and breadcrumbs. Press so that the breadcrumbs stick perfectly on the chicken meat
5.    Prepare a frying pan and fill it with clean oil and then heat it with medium heat. Fry the chicken until cooked and yellow tanned, drain and set aside for a moment.

How to make the sauce:

1.    Take a clean frying pan and put a little margarine or butter and reheat with medium heat until the margarine or butter is melted.
2.    Put onions then stir fry until wilt and fragrant.
3.    Pour the barbeque sauce and water then stir. Do a taste test to suit your taste, if the sauce is boiling and thick turn off the flames and serve the sauce with the chickens.

As the information on the use of the main ingredient in the form of chicken breast fillet is highly recommended because it has more meat and no Reis.  If you like the texture of the chicken crisper, you can hit the meat a few times to make it thinner.  You can also make Chicken katsu more beautiful by adding peas as well as carrots that are boiled as a fiber additive.

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