This recipe is the authentic Middle East, it tastes legit really.

·         Materials:

454 gr Kataifi/phyllo Pastry
227 gr Butter melted
340 gr granulated sugar
235 ml of water
1/2 Lime/lemon juice
Content Material:
2 cups of liquid milk
3 tbsp granulated sugar
250 gram Ricotta
3 tbsp cornstarch
100-gram Thick Cream

·         Step:   

1.    Cut phyllo pastry with scissors and squeeze with melted butter
2.    Cook sugar and water for simple syrup
3.    Press in the dough mold Phyllo pastries/kataifi make the dough base
4.    Give it dough fill
5.    Sprinkle with Pastrynya phyllo dough again and oven until browned
6.    After ripe flush it with a simple syrup, serve.

·         Dough contents:

Cook the milk and cornstarch stir using the whisk enter the granulated sugar, the creamy cream stir until cooked and finally enter the ricotta stir again until cooked, lift.

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