Chicken Dimsum Recipe

 Here is a special dim sum recipe ala Resto

·         The main ingredient of special chicken Dim Sum recipe:

50 g peeled shrimp, then finely chopped
150 g chicken thigh fillet, then finely chopped
25 g dried ear mushrooms, soak in warm water, then slice finely
1 leaf onion, then take the white part, then thinly sliced

INGREDIENTS Seasoning Recipe Special Dim sum
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
3 tablespoons starch
1 teaspoon of Angciu * Use of Angciou can be ignored, especially if you are Muslim.
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoons pepper powder
1/4 teaspoons sesame oil
24 Pieces of the dumpling skin
Complementary to the recipe of special Dim sum
1 piece of carrot, and fine grated
Spicy Dim sum sauce to taste

·         Guide to processing a recipe of special Dim sum Ala Resto:

1.    Combine ingredients such as chicken fillet that has been finely chopped with a peeled shrimp that has been chopped
2.    Add the Kerung ear mushroom soaked into the water next add the onion and the white piece is sliced. Add spices of granulated sugar, angciu, pepper, sesame oil. As finishing add starch, kneading
3.    Take the shredded dumpling and carrot skin. Stir
4.    Next, take a spoon of dough, put a piece of the dumpling skin.
5.    Then shape into a bowl and sprinkle a little carrot chopped over it. Batter until exhausted
6.    Steamed approximately 15 minutes, lift
7.    Serve while warm with a spicy sauce

·         Guide to making simple Dim sum sauce

4 Curly Red chilies,
2 boiled garlic cloves
300 ml of boiled water
Salt and sugar
3 steps to make a special Dim sum sauce with five-star Hotel
Boil 2 cloves garlic and mashed
4 curly red chilies thinly sliced and seeded
Boil water 300 ml, put chili and garlic, give salt and sugar, then wait until boiling... Finally, prepare cornstarch, pour, to thicken the sauce.

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